One does not simply hate sam bennett.

Flor, Mer & Mariana.
Addison Shippers.
Sam haters.
25,17 & 19 respectively.
Fuck you Sam ! :D

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That awkward moment when you’re on the internet but a family member insists on walking behind you and around you and everywhere near you and you get paranoid so you just resort to staring blankly on your Facebook newsfeed.

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We honestly want to apologize about letting you all without brand news about PP. As we all know, the adm has a life (Believe it or not, we do!) So we got caught by the end of the year, holidays and study. But we are back in track! Thank you for the patience and for keep spreading the hate ! We love you each and all of you.

- The Adm.

Anti Sammers are backkkk !

After some vacations, we decided to start this year with brand new hate people!


So, Mariana, Flor & Me (Mer) have this new roleplay group on facebook. And I’m sam (Yeah bitches, face It, I am Sam to be freaking rude and bitchy ) SO I talked to her, to make her know I was online and we said ” What the hell, let’s make this a post. “ 

Anonymous said:
hey, do you have any posts about the episode when Charlotte was raped and Sam's 'brilliant' sentence 'is it rude if i leave? what’s the etiquette?' thanks :)

we don’t! but we’ll make one and post it!



Because I just wanted to post this again.


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